Am a feeling, that makes the heart go blind

for am like a flower, you can’t resist it’s  scent

Like a tree I dance, when I find my true half

like a stream a sing; joyous songs to the heart

I dwell in the heart of every man,  

Waiting patiently for a true half

But still, they said am wicked

‘Knowing you (love) was a mistake’,

‘Oh! You are an instrument of pain’, they said

‘Never will I know love again’, they said

‘You (love) break my heart again and again’, they said

Oh!  If only they can hear me say “am an instrument of love,  but was used for discord, 

By the evil mind of man. 

They made me a sworn enemy of the heart

But now, never will I hurt the heart again”. 

True Love makes the heart stronger.



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