Piece by piece

I’m been collected

pain after pain

I bleed

I gave you everything

But all you could do,

Was to break me

Not just with a broken heart,

I come.

But with a wounded soul,

I cry.

“should I trust again?”

A question that left me,

In the wondering.

Afraid of saying;

“once again, am left in the dark”

my emotions I do not know,

But my feelings I know.

They are of a betrayed mind,

Crying from a broken heart.

Now not so beautiful, coz the soul is wounded.


16 thoughts on “WOUNDED

      1. I like to think that is the way you look at it.
        The heart is an organ, a tissue with blood vessels and cells, and I like to think that everything heart related will heal in time. But at the end of the day, all that matters it’s the experience and what you learned from it. You grow strong and gain power.

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