Free man

I long to see the daylight,

The beautiful sunrise,

Cos forever in the dark I am cast,

Though they the say to us that,

We are born to serve,

And they are born to rule,

I long for the waves,

And all I get is whips,

I long to hear the birds sing,

And all I get is to watch my brothers cry,

To my oppressors,

I prefer a dangerous freedom,

Over a peaceful slavery.

We were born free,

And free I will be,

I long to fly over skies,

I long to chant freedom,

I long to be called freeman,

For my root; I do not know,

Our traditions and culture; I have forgotten,

I long to be proud of my identity,

I long to have friends and family,

I long to have a job,

I long to be happy,

I long to feel safe,

I long…to be free


13 thoughts on “Free man

    1. Yes dear, this post is not for a particular group, it goes in 3 stages –
      To the individual: we are slave to the people we call our own, and lonely for being around they people that call us wake.
      To the continent: European countries are free, American countries are free, the Asian countries are free, but African countries aren’t. Now they aren’t slaves to Their colonial masters, but their kind.
      To the world : lets learn to be kind.


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