Love, Sacrifice or Pain

It hurts to be in the midst all of this,

Every morning I look up to the sky,

I pray for this life to end,

But I fear I might break a soul,

You have been my strength,

But seeing you sad,

Breaks me the more,

Oh is it true,

That true love,

Is about sacrifice,

I pray in your deepest thoughts,

Remember me,

I pray in your deepest slumber,

Always dream of me,

I always asked myself,

Is this love or is this pain.


Should she give up or just continue in her pain? Just for the happiness of someone, or is she afraid of what may befall on him after her death?

Give me your answers…


31 thoughts on “Love, Sacrifice or Pain

      1. No I love your suggestion
        1. Yes she wants to end her life, 2. She’s losing her strength (the guy), 3. She wants him to be happy. So the big picture here is; should she give up for the guy’s happiness in future, or forever suffer from a deadly illness, just to be him?

        This is where love is testedπŸ˜₯πŸ˜«πŸ˜’πŸ’“

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    1. Thank you so much sweetheart
      True, life has a purpose, and only when that purpose is achieved, will man be considered unwanted. Maybe she has achieved her purpose on earth, and considers herself a burden to him…and she wants to give up, that the guy might have a better life….what do you say about that?

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      1. Then, I feel, she needs to change her way of thinking..

        She may be a burden to him, but not on this earth. There’s no unwanted life on this earth.. Thousands of life out there are craving for love and care.. in that case she has to channelise her positive energy, from him to someone more deserving.. because none of us are a burden, at least on this earth.. never.. till we are breathing, moving, our hands working, we are useful to every single life on this universe..
        That guy shouldn’t be her only focus to guide her path on this earth, not her deciding factor, whether she stays wanted or not, who told her, or how does she know, what is her purpose on this earth..??

        He, who can consider someone as a burden, can never have a better life, as because his thought process will never let him have that.
        Light be always with her..
        My heartfelt prayers for her too.. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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