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in here, i lost count of day and night

Longing for freedom,

But please don’t call me dumb,

Held captive in these dark thoughts of mine,

Because that’s the only place I feel safe,

In this dungeon I stay daily,

Thinking of the outside world yearly,

Cast upon the shadows I hear voices as they speak,

They keep telling me…the outside world is toxic!

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‘Maybe I was bound to be captive’…

But wait…I see a hole in the wall,

And now I can finally tell the world,

That I can see the sun rising,

That I see hope in the horizon,

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this is the beauty of freedom

Maybe we’re all alone in these darker days,

But in this darkness I see a few bright sides


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Hurry up…she has a story to tell

I live in a dark hole,

Believing that one day I will be made whole,

But such are the dreams of a teenage girl,

Who lives in a small big village of verl,

In her early springs of love,

She thought she was a dove,

But when her heart lost in her quest for happiness,

Down falls the mighty empire of childhood dreams,

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(And she goes around saying…)

(And she goes around saying…)

Ask me to smile for the family,

I will forever put on a smiling face…always,

Ask me to sing you a melody,

For when I sing the trees dance and the waves rejoice,

But in all this claim,

Lies a million face of pain,

Image result for face of pain"

I still wallow in this dark hole,

Hoping and believing that one day I’ll be made whole.


Please don’t see me as a masochist, I am just trying to be real. sometimes in life, our ‘happily ever after‘ isn’t the same with others. We do have something to contribute, as long as man exists; there will be stories untold and unheard and gestures unknown.

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