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By the river side, I hear voices

Singing and chiming

Oh! What a beautiful noice

I came to cry my soul out,

And I found comfort

I couldn’t let it out

But I found fulfilment.

By the river side,

Where sorrow and pain,

Are taken away

Where stress and anger,

Are forgotten.

Where love and peace dwell.

Oh! Tell me, who can sing like the river?

Who can dance like the trees?

Who can give melodious chorus,

Like the birds of the air.

I came to meditate for thirty minutes,

But here I am,

Spending the whole day

Appreciating your beauty.

your reflection is like a mirror

That pierce my heart like a sword

I came to watch the sun rise,

Here I am, watching the sun set.

For thy beauty,

Is one I can’t resist.

By the river side,

I wept, my tears joined to the rhythm

Gives a sensation to cry more.

Oh! I will forever ask a question

‘what purpose were you created by nature’?

Oh! By the river side

I see the beauty of the sunrise

And the beauty of the sunset.


who said ‘am a black’,

Check the source, he’s a brave one in the land of terror.

Who said ‘I don’t like blacks’, check the source;

If a rich, he is a man who gets everything, in a platter,

And thinks blacks have no positive impact on the economy

And if a poor, he’s one who is frustrated by blacks or the dominance of the black

And who said, ‘let’s live as one’, check the source

He’s a man who does not believe in peace,

But in equality, right and justice

Oh! Racism, the great sword of discrimination,

Thanks to your brother ‘corruption’,

We now know the developed and undeveloped countries.

And thanks to you ‘racism’,

We now know the difference in the colour of our skin

Our stadium tags ‘say no to racism’

Our news media, do preach

‘say no to racism’

Oh racism! The Great Wall of difference,

Separating the blacks from the white

Oh! how can I forget you ‘corruption’

The masterminder of racism,

I will neither blame the white nor their government

Blame! the corrupt government of the blacks,

For unable to develop their country, all this years.

Blame the unending war, that sends blacks as migrants to Europe.

Blame those who do not appreciate the positive impact of the blacks on the economy

Blame the black who indulge in negative activities, in Europe and America.

Finally…blame a useful blame


War! War! War! 

You took everything from me,

And gave me sorrow in return.

You took joy, and gave me sadness 
Oh!  War You are an instrument of pain 

transformed our lands and homes, 

Into catacombs.
Now I know, can and will forever, 

value freedom. 

am now a scavenger, just to survive 

It’s so funny,  neither can we stay nor others accept us. 

Oh war!  

I can’t pray to have a peaceful death, when you’re around 

So I lay, waiting for God’s time. 

War! a sword of pain, made out of the evil mind of man.
War! an opposite of beauty

I remember when I do see the snow and blue cloud,

now all I can see are;  dark clouds and unending smoke

I remember when I use to laugh like a child,

Now we hide from everything that makes us laugh.

I remember running to see the sunrise,

now hide from the shadow of the sunrise,

In order to survive.
but I will forever ask a question,

‘When will you stop’


Am a feeling, that makes the heart go blind

for am like a flower, you can’t resist it’s  scent

Like a tree I dance, when I find my true half

like a stream a sing; joyous songs to the heart

I dwell in the heart of every man,  

Waiting patiently for a true half

But still, they said am wicked

‘Knowing you (love) was a mistake’,

‘Oh! You are an instrument of pain’, they said

‘Never will I know love again’, they said

‘You (love) break my heart again and again’, they said

Oh!  If only they can hear me say “am an instrument of love,  but was used for discord, 

By the evil mind of man. 

They made me a sworn enemy of the heart

But now, never will I hurt the heart again”. 

True Love makes the heart stronger.


Even In Death


The truth is that even in death a lot of things are left untold,  we don’t know ‘why’, and we still try to know ‘why’. ’30th May 2018′ to me was a splendid day,  while for others it was a sad and horrifying moments of the lives. I just came back from a condolence visit,  to my next door neighbor; who moved over to his own home on 4th december 2017.

Mr.  Tony was loved by some and disliked by others,  the fact that he moved to his on home was good news. He’s a father of one, a wife and sister, the all made a happy family. Though life is full of ups and downs but still he pulled through it. Tony involved himself in all works of life, he do go to school even though people do discourage him by saying, ‘Tony it’s too late for school focus on your business’.

Tony who fund for his sister’s school, though I won’t say his a perfect guy; because he usually make a lot of noise  in order to shows how rich he was,  but still he was a good father to his son(promise).



* * * *

May 5 2018



Tony was awarded a contract of roofing and constructing the wood part of the church, ever since then Tony haven’t been himself. Tony a guy who takes everything for granted, started to feeling pissed off in every little thing one does.

According to Tony’s sister, who suggested that Tony’s death wasn’t just a car accident, she continued to say that it was a projection and a planned deal.

* * * *

May 19th 2018



Tony’s sister continued with her bitter story saying that; ”I started putting everything in observance when; he started behaving strange the things he wanted others to do for, he started doing them all’. I then said to her ‘its normal to changed, she said to Me,  ‘no,  I have lived with my brother for 11 and half years, so  know him more than anyone else’.

According to her

, ‘strange things started happening, the one I recall vividly is that of the early morning of Friday, when I heard the door open and I thought it was him so rush up to go and open the gate, on reaching to the door I saw shadows walking down the stairs. Immediately he came out from his room, and asked me what was I gazing at, that was when I knew that his soul was leaving from him’.

Though it sounds like a personal believe from someone who couldn’t bare the fact that the brother she spent 11 and half years under his care and guidance is gone. Now let see what actually happened after the strange happenings

* * * *

May 30th 2018



A day to remember  for so many like; the heroes day for the BIAFRANS, and a day to remember for the Tony’s family. Tony complaining of dizziness to his church members and was advised to go home and he agreed to the advice, and immediately he received a call telling him that his goods have arrived at the main site. On his way to the main site…he…was smashed by a car, which never stopped to look back. The car was believed to the killer, now Tony is dead and awaiting a funeral.

May 1 2018



According to Tony’s wife, ‘my husband asked me to go get material(clothe) for his exam, which I did’. She now showed me a cake that was made to honor Success( Tony’s ) sister. ‘he told me to get the material and which I did,  now am calling him he’s not picking his calls…life is not fair who will I run to’.

Actually who took out Tony?

The plan to take out Tony wasn’t done professionally, Tony’s cellphone was picked and checked. The last number which contacted Tony,  was seen and called guess what the guy said, ‘leave me alone, Mr. Tony is dead’, to me and his whole shit is a plan deal.

This guy is now ‘the man in the mask’, the questions eating for answers are:

1. Why Tony?,  is it because of the contract or what.

2. Who is ‘the man behind the man in the mask’

my advice to everyone out there is that you have to live your life to the fullest and always remember God,  for the Hart of man is evil.