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The writer’s pen

*To all my friends

I’ve been keeping in the dark,

Quiet and slowly the music ends

So broken that I can’t feel my back,

Behind my back lays the writers pen

Forgive me as I pour my pain.

*To a stranger I call a friend

That I fought so hard to defend,

In his right or wrong I defend

In his truth and lies I defend,

But am sorry this has to end

*To all my friendship that never last,

Am sorry to have hurt you in the past

I pray that our past be our past,

The writers pen

An instrument of pain,

Happiness and regret and sorrow,

And in this dark hell call mind I wallow.

Dolce Amore (sweet love 💝)

For they say love in Vegas,

And others say Amore in Italy,

Many say love in Amour Paris,

But I say Mi Amor,

Thy can only change the rhythm,

But thy message you cannot deny,

When been compiled to dance,

To the beautiful tone of the wind,

Thy takes solace like an child,

If been permitted to sleep,

Wake me up in the later days,

Dolce amore my beautiful Lily,

#no rhymes, but one can’t deny the message


Life is like a dream,

Like a song i sing in my dream,

But hard to wake,

cause I’m in another realm.

Who knows the future,

What’s the future?

But in my sweetest dreams,

Always be there,

In my coldest nightmare,

Always hold me tight,

I do say to myself,

What good is human,

Without love,

What good is life,

Without fault.

#our fault reminds us, that we’re still HUMAN, stop trying to be God, but always play a role of perfection. GOOD MORNING 👶 💝💓💤